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ESB Impact

ESB believes career development is crucial for acquiring new skills, knowledge, and experiences that enable employees to grow and advance in their chosen field. It is essential for staying relevant in an ever-changing job market and for achieving long-term career goals. ESB promotes career development for employees in an effort to provide their fulfillment of goals and to propel ESB to higher levels as a company.

ESB recently hosted QSC instructors for an in-house, three-day training course on their Q-SYS system. Q-SYS is an integrated audio, video, and control platform developed by QSC. Q-SYS is designed to provide scalable and flexible audio and video processing solutions for a wide range of applications, including corporate, education, hospitality, government, and live sound events.

We want to thank QSC for their time and effort invested in educating their end-users and encourage anyone interested in pursuing an AVL, design, programming, or sales career to visit the careers page on our website.

Check out this awesome space!

We recently assisted in the renovation of Phillips Academy's auditorium and broadcast television studio, complete with a fully revamped AVL system to serve this Birmingham City School for years to come.

ESB recently held its first ever Fall Haul event. The event was open exclusively to non-profit/501(c)(3) organizations. Attendees had the opportunity to visit ESB's warehouse, where they browsed stock of audio, visual, lighting and security equipment and take whatever they needed completely free of charge, as well as enter in to our drawings for highly valuable items including a Midas Pro2c audio console. In total, over $150,000.00 worth of equipment was given away to these non-profit organizations. We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and we hope to see you all again next time!

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